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Managed services

Demos Group offers a range of managed services, designed to respond to your organization’s unique culture and stakeholders.

Managed services: expertise for optimal efficiency and added value
To enable you to focus internal resources on core value-added activities and optimize budgets, we provide you a full range of managed services support to help you monitor their training function and costs. We provide the following types of outsourcing services:

  • Global training plan development
  • Budget optimization
  • Support in selection of preferred providers/suppliers
  • Logistics and administrative services
  • Strategic vendor management
  • Financing endeavors
  • Tax and legal reporting
  • HR training evaluation and follow-up
  • Learning management systems

Key managed services customers
We have completed successful managed services projects for numerous companies, including:




Airbus UK: Creating complex customized Front Line Management Development program.



Over a period of five months, Hemsley Fraser/Demos Group has turned our ideas and vision into, what we believe, is a world class programme that is leading edge in Front Line Management Development.

This really has been a mammoth task, which has required, not only significant resource from Hemsley Fraser/Demos Group, but tremendous commitment and drive to achieve the high class standards in truly tight timescales.” said Airbus.

Our client's need:
Airbus UK has increasingly focused on efficiency and value of money creating a cost reduction program. The “Front Line Manager Development Program” was developed to pilot culture change and to reduce costs.

Our solution:

Design of a highly customized program blending knowledge, skills, change management and still meet ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) certification requirements.

  • Creation of 7 modules : 5 modules based on the 5 core competencies of Airbus UK, aA starting module and an orientation module
  • 844 proximity managers were trained, 379 obtained the ILM certification
  • 155 incremental improvements of the production process were implemented
  • 55 cost savings initiatives were implemented



Sean Craig

Director of International Operations
Tel: +33 9 88 66 10 08