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e-learning mode: off-the-shelf or customized

Demos Group’s global, comprehensive e-learning offer includes an expansive selection of standard e-learning modules, as well as customized e-learning solutions created in partnership with you.

Off-the-shelf e-learning
Choose from our catalogue of 1,500 e-learning modules, available in numerous languages and designed to provide straightforward instruction at your own pace.

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Customized e-learning
We work with you to customize an e-learning program to your specific needs. using over 10 years of experience from 400 successful e-learning projects delivered in all sectors, we ensure the solution achieves its objectives.

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Our customized solutions integrate a variety of e-learning tools through an effective multi-user technical platform. Our solutions cover everything from content creation to individual learning evaluations, mobilizing the expertise of project managers, educational experts, illustrators, graphic designers and integrators. Blended learning offers the best of both worlds, bringing together e-learning modules that perfectly complement face-to-face learning.


 Whether tailor-made or from our catalogue, Demos e-learning solutions offer speed, simplicity, savings and efficiency.


Benefits of e-learning
Our e-learning solutions provide a host of benefits to your organization:

  • Reduced costs - no need for travel, lodging, and meals
  • Time efficiency with less travel and time spent away from the office
  • Consistent delivery to ensure everyone in your organization receives exactly the same training
  • Tracking and reporting to provide managers and HR with proof of successful completion, information on individual usage, and scores
  • Automated recording and grading
... and to your learners:
  • On-demand availability allowing users to complete training at their convenience, during off-hours or even from home
  • Self-pacing to reduce stress and increase satisfaction
  • Interactive design to engage users, with realistic and interactive learning tools
  • Access to refresher and quick reference materials to reduce the burden of responsibility to master skills immediately

Cutting-edge technology for optimal e-learning
We put the latest learning technology to work to deliver optimal e-learning solutions.

For our project management training, we use world-class STS products, including project-simulator tools such as SimulTrain. Translated into 19 languages, we have used STS products in over 50 countries, contributing to the training of 126,000 project managers to date.

We also employ the user-friendly, cutting-edge MindOnSite (MOS) Learning Content Management System (LCMS), enabling powerful and reliable course content creation, broadcasting and administration.


Top e-learning customers
Our e-learning customers include:






A fully customized training program developed in only 2 months for Luxottica’s sales force


Luxottica Group is a leader in premium fashion, luxury and sports eyewear, with 6500 optical and sun retail stores in North America, Asia-Pacific, South Africa and Europe and a strong and well-balanced brand portfolio. In April 2011, Sonia Aidani, Group Marketing Training Manager at Luxottica, carried out an appraisal of her 80 Large Account sales reps. She realized that they were still not using the ‘product-based approach’ much as part of their sales technique. And yet, in two months, the Buying Days were due to open, a major group event in which the reps would be meeting their customers. “It was essential for our teams to use a product-based approach in order to offer the customer added value through stories relating to the lenses and the frame,” explained the manager. 

Four e-Learning modules deployed internationally
We didn’t have time to design a large-scale training program, so we opted for 4 e-learning modules. Plus we wanted to use them in a number of countries, they were developed in 3 languages.” Handing over this project to Demos Group, Luxottica was aiming to achieve three improvements in its sales reps: their product knowledge, knowledge of brand history (Bulgari, Ray Ban, Prada, etc.) and Large Account sales methods. Each module also provided tracking in terms of scores and response time. “Once the 4 modules were online, we observed an access rate of nearly 76%, even though they weren’t compulsory,” said a delighted Sonia Aidani. “I attribute this strong support to several factors: firstly, the welcome speech that formed part of module 1, which personalized the training program; then there were our training managers, who coached our sales reps locally to help them if they encountered difficulties.” An incentive had also been built into - the final module entitled ‘Collection Discovery’: participants could play in a final “Play & Win” the top scores and win “luxury” gifts.

“Demos Group is very… “problem-solving oriented”

Sonia Aidani cited that Demos Group’s educational expertise was a key asset throughout the project. “(…)Their flexibility in developing a system in so short a time, with all these constraints. In only two days, the team had come up with a complete training program. Demos e-learning agency is very… “problem-solving oriented”. And as soon as the Buying Days opened in early July, the effects of the training could be seen: “I noticed that our sales reps were more regularly introducing contextual elements into the products they were selling, those famous stories with high added value for our customers”. This encouraging effect prompted the training manager to extend access to these modules to the managers in every country “so that they could develop a common language”, and to reuse the modules to prepare for the next set of Buying Days, in March 2012.




Sean Craig

Director of International Operations
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MOS – MindOnSite, is part of the Demos Group since 2008. It is an editor of e-learning and innovative blended solutions. The MOS Chorus platform is a multilingual LMS-LCMS (Learning Management System -
Learning Content Management System) platform, offering technological power, customizable graphical interface and ease of use.






STS, subsidiary of the Demos Group since 2009, is an expert in Project Management training and certification. STS is providing highly performing training tools and e-learning courses which are used in many countries in the world. The famous project simulator SimulTrain® is available in 21 different languages.