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Customized learning solutions: finding the perfect fit

As a truly global training provider, Demos Group uses its international network and resources to customize a learning solution that exactly meets your needs.

Whether you require lightly tailored content or a fully customized learning program, we will work in partnership with you to deliver a solution that meets all your standards and requirements.

Our customized solutions are made possible through our:
  • Partnership approach to understanding the challenges you face and developing the perfect program for you
  • Impressive logistics and delivery capacity with comprehensive international reach
  • Variety of learning modes to support your particular needs: face-to-face, e-learning or blended


 Incorporating your in-house knowledge
Demos Group has years of experience working closely with subject matter experts to incorporate client-specific knowledge and content into our learning solutions.

Achieving the results you seek
We help you achieve guaranteed results by:

  • Combining training and subject matter expertise with industry knowledge to create innovative, high impact and relevant content
  • Applying effective pedagogy that motivates, energizes and inspires your learners to discover their passion and potential
  • Developing skills, knowledge and behaviors that are readily and immediately transferable to the workplace
  • Evaluating return on investment through pre- and post-KPIs defined together to ensure we have met your business goals and delivered complete satisfaction


Among our key customers:
We have delivered customized learning solutions for a wide range of satisfied customers, including:


...and more.


World-class technology
We put learning technology to work to deliver optimal learning solutions because we believe it enhances success.

For our project management training, we use world-class technology-enhanced learning tools such as the STS project simulator tool, SimulTrain. STS products are used in over 50 countries in 19 languages, contributing to the training of 14,000 project managers to date.

We also employ the user-friendly MindOnSite (MOS) Learning Content Management System (LCMS), enabling powerful and reliable course content creation, broadcasting and administration.
The MOS Chorus is a web-based system that integrates all resources required to create and manage your assessments and training programs, online and in virtual classrooms, from start to finish. This powerful platform helps optimize knowledge sharing in your organization.

MOS Chorus at Nestlé
MOS Chorus provides support throughout the entire content creation process, in a flexible and structured manner, by breaking the modules down into smaller units. The result convinced numerous local teams that it was preferable to use the modules developed in this way rather than to develop them separately.”
- Pascal Lardeux, e-learning Specialist, Nestlé Group


Avon: Roll out of a training program across 15 countries

The client need
Avon - one of the world's leading beauty companies - needed to redesign its training programs globally to ensure there was one common approach to leadership across the organization. These programs would then need to be rolled out to over 300 delegates across 15 countries.

The solution and results
Demos Group/Hemsley Fraser designed a program to precisely fit Avon’s needs, ensuring that the multi-lingual trainers selected had both the right skills and the best cultural fit with the client.
The following program was successfully delivered to over 300 delegates across 15 countries -

  • Face-to-face courses covering the following: Expectations of a leader, emotional intelligence, communication and listening, feedback, goal setting, selection, motivation, delegation and prioritization
  • The ‘train the trainer’ sessions ensured the trainers delivering the programs were fully immersed in the ‘Avon Way’.


Sean Craig

Director of International Operations
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