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Demos Group offers a range of consulting services designed to respond to your organization’s unique culture and stakeholders.

Consulting services: expertise to achieve success
We provide large organizations with management and HR support to adapt to the complex, rapidly-evolving business environment. Our consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Organization and management to assist companies in effectively linking business strategy and people practices
  • Design and project management of International training projects and creation of Corporate Universities through Demos Consulting
  • Skills management to guide your organization’s training design, HR policy, quality and certification, and talent management requirements
  • Learning strategy to support your workforce development and return on investment from training
  • Human Capital Strategy: alignment of people practices with organizational business strategy, goals and objectives, workforce analysis, and workforce plan
  • Talent Acquisition: recruitment including automated applicant systems, assessment process, advertising and cost per hire, employment contract and outsourcing
  • Work requirements: job design; profile requirements; competency models; competency assessment
  • Accountability: performance management and metrics

Demos Consulting also provides small businesses with a specific set of HR Solutions: HR diagnosis, support for the design of your training plan, HR policy, and interim HR management.

Major consulting customers
We have delivered consulting services to a range of satisfied customers, including:






How Demos Group supported Pernod Ricard’s launch of their corporate university


Pernod Ricard, the world co-leader for wines and spirits, embarked on a strategic group-wide project known as AGILITY: Taking up the challenge of culturally integrating recently-acquired subsiduaries and preparing for the challenges of the future. The founding of the Pernod Ricard University fell firmly within the project strategy.

Demos Group has been involved in setting-up the university. The University’s Director, Alban Marignier, said:

The Pernod Ricard University is an ambitious international project that supports a number of strategic objectives: To make people more aware of the group, assert its reputation as a world leader for wines and spirits, train Pernod Ricard’s future leaders, integrate new employees, spread the group’s values and culture and offer clear, merit-based training programs linked to the group’s new career paths.

The Demos Group team was a great help in the project, producing a mapping our international training offer. The mapping had three aims:
  • To involve the HR Directors and training managers in every country in the phases prior to the founding of the Corporate University,
  • To have a complete overview of our training offer in terms of quality and quantity (number of hours provided, educational methods offered, themes covered, consistency with the countries’ current training investment and strategic challenges, etc.).
  • To highlight the key themes to be addressed as a priority by the company university.

Demos Group’s work took several forms. Having produced a very full interview guide, Demos Group designed an online questionnaire which was circulated to all of the group’s 70 HR Directors. The questionnaire was supplemented by fifty interviews with the strategic HR Directors and training managers in the 70 countries in which we operate.

Throughout the time that the questionnaire was online – over a month – our HR Directors and training managers had 24-hour access to a technical hotline at Demos Group. This tailor-made support was a great support for our people.

It led to the production of a complete mapping of our training offer, which I then presented to the Group Management Committee and then to the Pernod Ricard directors at a conference on the Ile des Embiez.

Our teams were particularly appreciative of Demos Group’s flexibility and its ability to deploy an international project within a very short space of time.”

I was able to use the mapping to decide on the future key priorities for the Pernod Ricard University. Its first skills development programs will be launched soon.” Mr. Alban Marignier, Director of Pernod Ricard University.


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Director of International Operations
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