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For more than ten years, Demos has been the preferred training partner of the European Institutions, and as such has developed a wealth of know-how and expertise in designing and implementing tailored solutions for this multicultural audience. 



Until 2015, Demos will be the European Institutions’ main contractor for the following :

  • Strategic planning and change management
  • Organisational development
  • Training on specific subjects (health and safety, quality and the environment, etc.)
  • Skills development
  • Finance


As the training market is evolving, the European Institutions are looking for innovative learning solutions:


- Organisational development is one of the innovative features of our offering. In a context of crisis and pressure on available resources, Demos Group supports the institutions’ in-house teams of consultants in their strategic considerations on organisational efficiency and performance at every level of the organisation, as well as on how to manage complexity. The aim is to align and rationalise practices, improve teams’ effectiveness and put in place common working methods.
In close collaboration with the client, Demos Group initiates and guides actions such as drawing up development strategies, organising and facilitating team events, handling change and training in hands-on leadership.


- In parallel, work will also continue on improving individual skills by means of multi-modal training programmes which include e-learning and blended learning. These modes offer a considerable degree of convenience and flexibility, so that students can learn easily and at any time.


- Lastly, a new and ground-breaking tool, the interactive whiteboard, is currently used by a quarter of all European institutions’ training programmes. This fun interactive device, used in conjunction with a computer and a video projector, makes it possible to annotate and save images from the computer.





A few key facts and figures:

  • 60% of training programmes are delivered in English
  • In nearly 40 institutions, agencies and bodies
  • On more than 200 different themes
  • With a pool of more than 180 active consultants




Pascale Etemad

International Public Institutions Director