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Unique global expertise

At Demos Group, our customers benefit from our global scope of knowledge which is adapted and applied according to local needs and constraints.

As a truly global training provider, we work in partnership with you to deliver a solution that meets your specific requirements. Thanks to our international network of subsidiaries, we have the logistical capacity to deliver on global projects, while managing them at the local level and adapting them to site-specific requirements.

This unique combination of global scope and local customization is made possible by our network of external trainers, proven knowledge, comprehensive offer, business synergies and constant commitment to innovation.



A comprehensive approach to Global Large Accounts

  • A one-stop shopping approach with a dedicated global sales team
  • An international solutions and services support team to design, deliver and project manage all types of cross border training solutions
  • Shared service centres
  • Centralized billing and administrative interface

=> Our i3S team ("international Solutions and Services Support Group") is dedicated to managing major global training projects and their implementation by teams from Demos subsidiaries.



Demos Group and international institutions

We have developed an impressive body of knowledge and technical expertise specific to the design and implementation of programs for the public sector, in Europe and globally. Public sector audiences worldwide have enjoyed hundreds of training projects spanning 400 subject areas.

Multicultural audiences
Demos Group provided approximately 7,000 hours of training to multicultural audiences over a 3 year period. For each topic area, Demos ensured course content was the same in the 3 training languages: English, French and German. At the same time, Demos respected linguistic, cultural and conceptual specificities by adapting and rephrasing content depending on the language of the course. Through this project, Demos secured a strong position in the market of developing pedagogical tools and multicultural training programs.




Successful delivery of a global customized learning and development program for more than 600 GEFCO employees worldwide


The client need

GEFCO is a flagship company within the logistics industry: relying on its six major poles of expertise - Logistics, Gefboxsystem, Overseas, Overland,  motor vehicles distribution, and customs and VAT representation. GEFCO provides innovative and solutions to industrial logistics issues, whether domestic or international. Present in 150 countries, GEFCO is one of the top 10 European logistics companies. In 2011 it achieved a turnover of 3.7 billion euros with 10 300 staff members’ worldwide.

To improve the quality of its customer service, GEFCO decided to create an international learning and development program with a specific focus on project management skills. To optimize this process, GEFCO wanted to provide its employees with the best training, where they could learn how to coordinate their projects efficiently in order to meet their customers’ needs. They looked for a global provider able to deploy an international training program and chose Demos Group.


Our solution

Demos Group started by developing a tool kit and delivered the first pilot customized project management training program in 2007 for 12 employees in the German subsidiary. The program was then rolled out in Great Britain, France, Poland, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary. In addition, Demos extended the creation of modules to include the following themes: train the trainer, priority management and coaching.
Throughout this project, Demos Group ensured that the local training program delivery was carefully adapted to each local language and culture, as well as communicating the company global values.


After several years of the partnership, Demos Group has trained more than 600 GEFCO employees.


Sean Craig
Director of International Operations

Tel: +33 9 88 66 10 08




“Making Global Programmes Feel Local: 10 Guidelines”


This paper highlights how the investment in the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours around the world can be designed to fully support the organisations global strategic objectives and yet be a success in each local region too.


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