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Trusted by satisfied customers worldwide

Over 35,000 organizations worldwide have trusted Demos Group to provide them with superior learning and Human Resources consulting services.  

As a global training supplier, we are proud of our impressive international customer portfolio. We have completed projects for more than 35,000 client companies around the world, of all sizes and sectors. A few key examples of our clients include:

...and many more.



=> Over 350,000 people are trained by us each year, including 150,000 in e-learning.




Client Testimonials
Airbus UK
“Over a period of five months, Hemsley Fraser/Demos Group has turned our ideas and vision into, what we believe, is a world class program that is leading edge in Front Line Management Development. This really has been a mammoth task, which has required, not only significant resource from them, but tremendous commitment and drive to achieve the high class standards in truly tight timescales.”
Human Ressources Representative at Airbus
“Their flexibility in developing a system in so short a time, with many constraints. In only two days, the team had come up with a complete training system. Demos Group is very… “problem-solving oriented.”
Training Manager at Luxottica
“I particularly value the high level of responsiveness from the administration team and the close relationship that the L&D team at MBDA has developed with Demos Group/ Hemsley Fraser”
Human Resources Manager, Learning & Personal Development MBDA UK
“Whether it’s developing courses, training the NASA workforce, analyzing our performance management system results, or helping develop career paths, Demos Group/ Hemsley Fraser makes my job easier – their expertise ensures that I have the right skill for the right job at the right time.”

Chief Learning Officer, NASA